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About me & healthy eating

About me & healthy eating

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am Aleksandra, a mum to two boys and a foodtech entrepreneur.
I firmly believe that healthy eating is essential to healthy living and I am always surprised to see that still too many people count calories rather than paying attention to the quality of their meals.

By quality I certainly do not mean fancy diets or expensive super ingredients. It takes a bit of learning and a bit of effort in the kitchen but I promise you quality meals can be made without too much hassle and within your budget. This blog is created to show you how easy and gratifying it can be to eat healthy and tasty food every day. You will be surprised how good a chef you may become for yourself, your family and friends if you are willing to roll up your sleeves.

Cook real food. It is truly your first remedy.

When my father fell gravely ill back in 2006 he became a living proof of the fact that our food is truly our first remedy and that it may completely change the course of illness. His healing process taught me a lot about my own eating habits and why and what I needed to change. I believe I should share it with whoever wants to read because it is just too important.

We live in a very challenging time fighting with environmental pollution and climate change. Sometimes it seems like it is too complicated or too time consuming to be diet concerned. However it is more important than ever. If you want to improve your health, eat tastier food, cut down on your waste, care about your family and save money, then you would need to start cooking real food. If you let me I will point you in the right direction šŸ™‚ I was not born crazy about cooking but I definitively was always passionate about eating šŸ˜‰

To eat better every little step counts.

ā€œEat less but eat betterā€ is definitely an important part of the process. For example, eating (much) less meat and getting informed about the quality and origin of the meat you buy, about the way the animals were treated and fed, and about the food producer. (My family and I are actually transiting slowly towards veggie diet.) Learning how to cook various grains, cereals and pulses like lentils and quinoa. Eating locally sourced organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables as much as possible.

This does not mean that banana, avocado and mango are forbidden. But it does mean that strawberries and cherry tomatoes should be avoided in winter. There is no room for candies and other ā€œsugar + artificial additivesā€ sweets in my cupboard. I do not buy processed foods with a long list of ingredients. We do not waste food and we considerably reduced our garbage bin content. All this sounds logical and within our grasp, doesnā€™t it?

Well it is, even for city dwellers who are always busy and live far away from vegetable patches and the countryside. Of course, some research into your local neighbourhood grocery stores, farmersā€™ markets, bakeries etc. is necessary. As well as the willingness to experiment a bit in the kitchen. But having a homemade meal so much tastier and healthier as the end result is worth all the effort. For us, for our children, and for the planet.

Useful info and simple tasty healthy recipes inside.

There are some basic elements that everyone who wants to preserve and improve his/her health has to know in order to change eating habits. For example why you should avoid white refined products, like white sugar, white salt, white flour.

Furthermore, I believe that everyone should learn how to cook both healthy and tasty simple meals free of frustration and hassle. Please do not be impatient if you cannot do it all at once. Changing habits may take time but every little step counts. To inspire and encourage you, in this blog I will share:

  • the foundations of healthy cooking and practical information on various ingredients (“Good to know” section)
  • my simple, everyday recipes that my family adores (cauliflower roast or coconut soup, for example)
  • other peopleā€™s recipes that I have adapted to make them even more healthily delicious
  • my tips and gourmet discoveries
  • your recipes if you are willing to share them.

I will post articles and recipes at least once a week. If you would like to receive them as soon as they are out, together with some exclusive content, leave me your email address:

Your comments, suggestions and “hello” messages are very welcome too šŸ™‚