Healthy plant-based diet now - Book cover

The Healthy Plant-Based Diet Now!
A 5-day step by step guide to switch.

You need this guide if:

  • you want to go 100% plant-based but have doubts and questions and do not know where to start
  • you want to eat more plants and less "animal" food because you heard that it was healthier but are not ready yet for 100%
  • you want to eat healthier whatever your diet and want a selection of recipes to try
  • you want to lose some weight and moreover keep it stable
  • you are just curious, want to learn more about healthy plant-based eating, maybe test a recipe or two and then decide

This 97-page practical guide explains the basic principles of healthy eating habits whatever your diet, answers the most frequent questions about plant-based eating, describes the content of your whole food plant-based plate, guides you through different food groups and nutrients and gives you a detailed shopping list of pantry staples. And of course, offers 30+ easy, delicious and beautifully illustrated recipes, including a 5-day meal plan in both 2000 calorie (for women) and 2500 calorie (for men) versions to help you switch stress free.

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