Homemade hazelnut and chocolate spread

Homemade hazelnut and chocolate spread

This hazelnut and chocolate spread is so easy to make and so much healthier than any industrial version that you can buy. Just keep in mind that sugar and palm oil make up for more than 70% of Nutella!!!
Moreover, the flavour of this homemade gourmandise is incomparable and it is vegan and gluten and lactose free. A little taste of heaven 😉

Serves: 8-10 slices of bread. Preparation time: 5 minutes (literally) and 20 minutes if you are roasting hazelnuts yourself.

INGREDIENTS (organic, in the order of use)

130g of Roasted Hazelnuts
2 tbsp of Hazelnut or Walnut Oil (a neutral plant oil like Sunflower could do also)
3 level tbsp of Pure Cocoa
4 tbsp of Unrefined Cane-Sugar
(you can replace the sugar with 5-6 dates for a sugar free version and some extra vitamines and minerals)
6 tbsp of Hazelnut Milk or more depending on how thick you like it (neutral milk like Oat could do too)
1 tsp of Vanilla Extract


  1. If you are roasting the hazelnuts yourself all you need to do is put them in the oven at 160°C for about 15 minutes.
  2. When they are done take the skin off by rolling your hand palm over them.
  3. Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix everything together until you obtain a smooth paste.
  4. Add more plant based milk if needed until you obtain the thickness that you prefer and that’s it. Your hazelnut-chocolate spread is ready, you can get rid of Nutella forever 😉
Homemade hazelnut-chocolate spread. Pâte à tartine maison noisettes-choco.
This morning we had it with some freshly crashed local raspberries. Yummy!

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