There is so much better than white flour

There is so much better than white flour

I cut back on white flour. Considerably.

Of course, I still have cravings for croissants and brioches and all sorts of choux pastry, they are irresistible! However, I have also discovered many delicious substitutes for white flour. When kneading by hand, I mix diverse organic wholegrain flours or nut powders for desserts (almond, hazelnut etc.)

Once again, it is a question of preserving nutrients.

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre all reside in the coating covering cereal grains. White flour is made of grains completely stripped of their coating and thus nutrients. The only thing remaining is starch, which is basically simple sugar (glucose) with a high glycemic index. The more wholegrain (complete) the flour, the more nourishing the bread. Whole grains bring real health benefits, so goodbye white bread!

We should, however, beware of pesticides. Most pesticides are contained in the outer layers of the grain. That is why you should always choose organic whole grains and avoid taking small cocktails of pesticide residues with each grain.

With such a wide variety of flours available, my favourite is buckwheat flour…

…for its great benefits and subtle nutty flavour. Did you know that buckwheat is not a cereal but a flower plant?It regroups all the essential amino-acids necessary for assimilations of nutrients. It contains a considerable amount of magnesium (around 230 mg per 100 g), copper and manganese as well as vitamins B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) and does not contain any gluten. Furthermore buckwheat is one of the best quality protein sources and easiest one to digest of all plant proteins. And cherry on top, its glycemic index is very low, 30-35.

Rye bread (organic) is often on our table too because rye is a super rich and delicious cereal. It contains the most calcium, potassium and sodium of all the other cereals as well as iron and fluorine.

If or when you bake your own bread, do not hesitate to mix various flours and add grains like sesame, linen, pumpkin, sunflower. I promise you, it will be delicious! Here is a bread recipe that I tried and instantly loved. It is easy to make and stays tasty for days.

When making a dessert you can replace white flour, partly or entirely, with almond, nut or hazelnut powder like in this intense lemon cake.

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